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Why I hate leftovers!

I find the food storage containers a pain to have to use. I am to the point now,  that I would rather trash the leftovers, send money for the kids to buy lunch and plastic wrap everything (well, I guess that won’t work great for the leftover gravy).  I dread even opening up the cabinet door to take out a container.  I know I am going to have to look for the lid, which usually pulls a Houdini and disappears.  It’s not ever possible to make heads or tails of the mess of the containers and lids.  I have many times taken all the containers out and matched up the lids, stacking them neatly inside the cabinet.  I would be surprised if a week can go by before the lids are strewn all over the shelf and not one is on the actual container!  It’s so frustrating and huge waste of time rooting through all the shelves looking for that lid.


What are Dixie QuickTakes®

Being a little on the thrifty side and more realistic, I thought there was likely another way around throwing out food and spending all this extra money on lunches.  Of course, I was right, I was introduced to Dixie QuickTakes®.  Wow, very impressive!  So what are Dixie QuickTakes®?  These wonderful inventions are going to be your new best friend, why?  Here’s why….

-Quicktakes® have attached lids
-Quicktakes® are dishwasher safe (reusable)
-Quicktakes® are BPA free
-Quicktakes® are recyclable and affordable enough to throw out after using (feel guilt free about giving them away or tossing out)
-Quicktakes® are only for sale on Amazon
-Quicktakes® are the ultimate convenience for any busy lifestyle because of the attached lids and flexibility between one time use or multiple uses.
-Time Savings: Attached lids mean you don’t have to waste time looking for and matching lids, they are disposable so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them, clear plastic means you can quickly see the contents, etc.
-Affordable/Value – cheap on a per container basis compared to alternatives, there are 25 in every box, semi-reusable since they are dishwasher safe. Because they are so affordable, you don’t have to feel guilty about giving them away (leftover food for kids, guests or at community functions) or throwing them away (too dirty to clean or ate away from home and don’t want to have to transport a dirty container).
-Multi-purpose uses – great for arts & crafts, organizing toys, office supplies, etc. They come in two convenient sizes for small and large need

I am so excited about Dixie QuickTakes®, this means the end to all this disorganization and frustration each time I have to open that cabinet up!

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If you’d like to check out these awesome food containers check out the links below and feel free to leave your review on Amazon.

Check out the video of Dixie QuickTakes® here!

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