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lunchbox-love-vol1Something I feel passionate about is sending my little one off with a healthy and loveable lunch.  After finishing up making her lunch I would always take time to write a little note on her serviette.  Little words of love like “I love you”, “have a super day” and “you are awesome” are some of the things I would write.  Even though she couldn’t read, she was excited to see the note and the teacher or helper would read the words to her. Then I heard about Lunchbox Love.  I thought, wow!  someone else thinks that putting cute little words of love in their kid’s lunch is pretty awesome too.  I couldn’t wait to get my Lunchbox Love notes and try them on K’s lunch.


What exactly is Lunchbox Love?  Well, Lunchbox Love is a colourful deck of twelve credit card sized notes that have positive messages on the front of each card.  Messages such as:  “I love spending time with you”, “I love you” and “Be kind” are just to name a few.  One the back of each card there are bits of trivia like “Did you know that a crocodile cannot stick out its tongue?” christmas-lunchbox-love

Now I have been sending the Lunchbox Love notes on my little ones lunches and it makes her day.  She gets super excited to see the little cards sitting in her lunch box.  The teacher and the class are just as anxious to see what’s next.  There are so many different sets of cards to choose from, I never have a hard time sending a note that suits the occasion.  There are even seasonal sets that you can choose.  Being that it’s getting near Christmas and the American Thanksgiving, I received both sets in my package.  I can’t wait until December when I start putting the Christmas Lunchbox Love notes in my little ones lunchbox.  I know she will love them.


Say Please believes words are important, especially positive words.  Their energy lifts spirits and makes the world a better place the moment they are shared.

A portion of the profits it used to help feed children around the world.


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