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In my world of media, writing and blogging a large part of producing a great article is also presenting beautiful pictures.  I may have written a post with tons of value but if I haven’t  included photos it really doesn’t catch the reader’s eye and the reader may not even notice the great article.   When someone is skimming through articles, it is often the picture on the page that grabs the reader’s attention, and then they stay long enough to read the actual content.  So it is important to include photography as part of my writing but also good quality photos are a must.  Skillshare offered me a free class with their new School of Fashion & Style,  to review online.   Of course, as a blogger and freelance writer I was excited to have this opportunity and I chose the Introduction To Fashion Photography class.  I am always taking pictures of my little one with various products and this course could be a great value to me.


Skillshare is a website that allows people to sign up for really awesome online classes.  With a wide selection of courses to enrol in, there is something for everyone.  I found navigating through the Skillshare site very easy and user-friendly, which is a bonus when you want to concentrate on learning about photography and not how to use the site.

The Introduction to Fashion Photography class is instructed by Bethany Olsen, a talented and knowledgeable Photographer.  She uses a simple step by step method to teach how to produce a great fashion photography piece.  Though, I feel that I can take what I learned and tweak it to use in most photography that I use for my own purposes.  The class layout and content was easy to understand and I did learn a lot of great tips and ideas from Bethany.

The class is designed to help those who are interested in exploring fashion photograph as a profession, hobby or create a portfolio of their fashion line.  I will use what I have learned in other areas of my photography as well.

Some of the key points covered in the Introduction to Fashion Photography class were:

  • Getting Inspired:   Tactics for finding inspiration for your photos’ style and a shoot concept.
  • Finding Your Subject:  Where and what to look for in sourcing a model.
  • Location:   Scouting and exploring the right location for your shoot.
  • Lighting:  Different lighting options and how to find the right one for your shot.
  • Posing & Movement:  Tips on how to achieve the posing and movement with your model.
  • Framing:   Various framing techniques to consider.
  • Client Deliverables:   Overview of the editing process and what your deliverables to a client would

Students will finish up their Introduction to Fashion Photography class with two to three fashion photos for their portfolio.  You can find professional models to work with or pull in some of your friends ( I used my little one, she’s an awesome model).   The idea will be to put the techniques you’re learning into practice to share with your classmates for feedback. A DSLR camera is highly recommended, but a point and shoot or iPhone works, too.  I use both in my photography.  Sometimes you get inspired and you need to grab the moment, that’s where my iPhone comes in handy.

For this class you will need a camera.  As mentioned, a DSLR camera is highly recommended, but a point and shoot or iPhone works, too. (Optional: Editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. If you shoot with iPhone, apps like VSCO, Snapseed, Filterstorm, and Afterlight are acceptable).  I personally use PicMonkey and I love it for editing my pictures.  It works great for what I need.

earn essential skills from industry leaders who are shaping the world of fashion today. Whether you are an aspiring apparel brand mogul or simply looking to write your first style blog post, the Skillshare School of Fashion and Style will provide you with the tools to make it happen.

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