Anyone that knows me, knows that I have fought a battle with sleepless nights for at least five years now.  Starting with when I decided to co-sleep with my little one.  As with any new mom sleep isn’t an option.  Now that my little one is sleeping through the night, you would think I would be having a wonderful nights rest.  Not so, I have an extremely hard time to fall asleep many nights and lay there staring at the ceiling.  I am a thinker, I think things to death.  Which is good in a way but not at bedtime.  I lay awake with the wheels spinning inside my head (thinking of everything I need to get done, deadlines, school events, personal commitments).  Should I be lucky enough to fall asleep, I often awake a little later and the wheels starts up again.


On other nights I find myself waking and staying awake for hours after, tossing and turning.  I don’t know why this happens, although, I suspect sometimes it’s about being too wound up after a late night working and high caffeine intake.  Then before I know it the alarm is buzzing and it’s time to get up!  I literally look like the “Walking Dead” after one of those nights.

I do have trouble sleeping some nights because I am sore in my neck and shoulders.  Working on a computer most of the day contributes to that but lifting and hauling around a small child and her belongings can also cause some discomfort.

Regardless of why or what the reasons are for the lack of sleep, I needed to find a solution.  After checking out a few articles about sleep routines, I found a few tips that do actually help to relax the body and de-clutter the mind:

~  A warm drink (milk, camomile tea, no caffeine) before bed is soothing and can help you relax.

~  Hopping into a warm bath just before bed is another great way to unwind.  It relaxes and soothes away tired muscles.

~ Stay away from the TV, computer and video games, instead opt for a good book to wind down with.

Give them a try if you suffer from sleeplessness as I do.  Staying away from the TV and any electronics is a big help, I find they stimulate me too much as does the coffee after supper.


I was thrilled to have opportunity to engage in the Tylenol Nighttime Sleep Centre site, where I found a wealth of information about sleep.  I found out what sleep is and why it’s important to my health.  I  read up on The Facts of Sleeplessness and found out the truth about sleeplessness.  Did you know that health factors such as stress and pain come to the top of the list in causing sleeplessness?  They are a big factor in my lack of sleep and with the help of Tylenol Nighttime I can have a great sleep, pain-free.  I also learned different ways that I can change my lifestyle to encourage a good nights rest.

Tired of being tired?  the Sleep Centre offers up 10 tips to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  I didn’t know this before, but having a light snack containing tryptophan and calcium help trigger the sleep hormones.  Check it out and start sleeping tonight!

Another great way I learned to sleep better was educating myself on the sleep cycles and how to protect my sleep patterns.  Factors such as light, temperature and noise all come into play when trying to get a good nights sleep.  Watch this video to learn more about the sleep routine and how to sleep better.

It’s no fun trying to run on little or no sleep.  Quality of life has been next to nil with out my proper sleep at night.  Thanks to Tylenol Nighttime Sleep Centre I have learned how to help myself through changing my lifestyle and if I need a little help for the pain, Tylenol Nighttime has that covered too.

If you are like me and need help to sleep or are suffering night time pain that keeps you up, give Tylenol Nighttime a try.  The great people at Tylenol Nighttime would like to offer you $4.00 off coupon!

Out of the 10 tips listed on the Sleep Centre site, which one do you think will help you the most in getting a good night sleep?


This post was generously sponsored by Tylenol Nighttime, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit http://sleep-centre.ca

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