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Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year.  I  love the whole feeling of joy and anticipation that comes at this time of the year.  Keeping old traditions in my family like gathering Christmas Eve to spend the evening together ending it with opening one gift, which is always new pajamas.  Everyone knows what is in the gift but have come to expect it every year.  Another tradition in my house is reading a Christmas story to the kids before bed.  We do this the month of December through January sixth, what we call Little Christmas.  This year we have added three new titles to our traditional Christmas reading list:  The Night Before a Canadian Christmas, A Moose In a Maple Tree and Canadian Jingle Bells.


The Night Before a Canadian Christmas, Canadian Jingle Bells and A Moose In a Maple Tree are written by Troy Townsin and illustrated by Jennifer Harrington.  What a dynamic pair!   While we all know the traditional versions of these stories, Troy has brought a creative “Canadian” twist to them.  Very colourful and engaging illustrations through out each book of our “Canadian” kind of Christmas.  They have quickly become a favorite with my little one.


I moved to Canada 10 years ago and became a Canadian citizen. I wanted to do something fun to celebrate this special honour and decided to write A Moose in a Maple Tree: The All-Canadian 12 Days of Christmas. It started out as a small project and fundraiser for the Make A Wish Foundation and has since become a Canadian best seller. And I followed with 2 more best-sellers Canadian Jingle Bells and The Night before a Canadian Christmas as well as a Canadian Christmas CD. The books have received endorsements from well-known Canadians, including Robert Munsch and Don Cherry. As a small home-based publishing company, we have raised almost $15,000 for an assortment of deserving charities including Variety BC, Make a Wish Canada, the BC SPCA and the Coalition for Music Education. We have also created animations for the books and we’ve had our first reading of the book recorded


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