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Mattel launches Entrepreneur Barbie® and First-Ever Barbie® Business Bursary program

My daughter is five years old and she wants to be a teacher… today.  Tomorrow she may want to be a rock star, but whatever she aspires to become, I will encourage her.  I have always believed that girls can become whatever they choose.  Growing up I spent countless hours playing with my favourite toy, Barbie®, as a lot of girls did.  Today, Barbie® is still a large part of my life because my daughter has taken over.  150th Career Doll celebrates women entrepreneurs, and shows us with Barbie®, ANYTHING is possible! 

The number of women entrepreneurs around the world is growing and the ratio of Canadian female entrepreneurs compared to men soared a remarkable 30 per cent over the last year and a half*.  A recent Canadian survey hosted on the Angus Reid Forum reveals that 70 per cent of Canadian women entrepreneurs believed that anything was possible when they were a young girl — a belief Barbie® advocates and is celebrating with the launch of her 150th career doll, Entrepreneur Barbie®, in Canada.

In honour of Barbie® founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Ruth Handler, Entrepreneur Barbie® follows in very big footsteps. Barbie® after all became an astronaut in 1965, four years before man walked on the moon, and first ran for President of the United States in 1992. Entrepreneur Barbie® has a mission, to inspire every child’s imagination and to empower children to follow their dreams.

Alongside the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie®, the first-ever Barbie Business Bursary program is being introduced to inspire children to not only dream big, but to believe that those dreams can become a reality. The Barbie Business Bursary program is a national search for Canada’s Next Young Entrepreneurs, and a celebration of can-do spirit designed to spark the growth of Canada’s next-gen of leaders.


Barbie® – Building Tomorrow’s Stars Today

The Barbie™ Business Bursary encourages Canadians to nominate a budding entrepreneur – yourself, children, siblings, cousins, students or friends – under the age of 18, who demonstrates true entrepreneurial spirit, from now until September 1, 2014. To enter the national competition, simply visit the and share your or your nominee’s entrepreneurial dream.

Barbie will select ten amazing nominees and post their video profiles on Barbie™ my Dreams; and a jury panel will then select three winners to receive a $2500 Barbie Business Bursary to fund their big ideas.

Entrepreneur Barbie® is now available on, & and will be available at select toy retailers nationwide this August.


Entrepreneur Barbie® Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie® and the First-ever Barbie® Business Bursary program, Modern Mom is giving away, to one lucky reader, an Entrepreneur Barbie®  This contest is open to Canadian Residents, 18+ years of age.  Contest ends August 4th.  Entries are verified, please complete the ones you do commit to.  Good luck!

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  1. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter wants to be a detective or librarian, although it changes all the time. Last week she wanted to be a waitress:)

    • says

      Does your little one practice “Let it Go” or “Build a Snowman” very often? Mine sings these songs continuously. Good luck!

  2. Brandee H says

    My son is still too little to have that one figured out. Right now he just to get big so he can go to work with mommy :-) My niece would like to be an artist though

  3. Anne Taylor says

    Talked with the wee one today and today she want’s to be a “gymmist” or gymnast, whichever you prefer lol

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