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I cannot believe we are into our first week of summer vacation.  Last week we celebrated our 5 year olds “moving on” to first grade (kindergarten graduation), unpacked all the memorabilia that she brought home and wondered sadly where time has went.  It seems  like yesterday that we took her to her first day of junior kindergarten and two years have passed by already.  A lot of parents don’t seem to mind but I do mind.  I mind a lot!  I know well how fast these years will go and before I know it she will be heading into high school.   

The last thing I want to even think about right now is making plans for any kind of structured vacation.  Although, I would like to spend a week down east in August, well maybe.  All I want to do this summer is relax!  No lunches, no homework and no must- do activities.  I am all about enjoying what we have right here, close to home.  Who needs to travel?


Enjoying the local splash pad!


When my little one decides that mommy is no longer fun enough for her, we can hop in the car with nothing more than sunscreen and a towel and head to our local splash pad.  Little one will get her fill of socializing with the younger crowd.  Oh, and don’t forget the Kinder®, what a hit with the kids!


A day on the trails!



A little more preparation, but a super fun day out on the trails riding with the ATV is a fantastic way to spend the day.  We pack up a cooler with camp fire favorites like hotdogs and marshmallows, away we go right from our front door.  Hey, don’t forget the Kinder® they make awesome s’mores!


 Taking a dip!


Just sticking around the house and relaxing out on the deck is a novelty right now.  When it heats up a little too much there’s the pool to cool off in.  Little one loves to swim and be outdoors so even this is a great idea for her.  Keep the Kinder® handy, nothing better for luring the little fish out of the pool at dinner time.


And don’t forget the Kinder®!



It doesn’t matter what’s going on around our place this summer, Kinder® will be there, from keeping my little one entertained on a road trip, being that special treat to nibble in the boat or melting on marshmallows and graham crackers over the fire.  Oh, but if you are heading to across the boarder, eat the Kinder® before you get there, you can’t take them into the US.  I know…..

What are your summer plans?  Just winging it or do you take a planned vacation?

Disclosure: I’m part of theKinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation withthis group.  The opinions on this blog are my own







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