Spring Has Sprung and So Have the Seasonal Allergies


Spring Has Sprung!

I am so excited to finally see the snow melt, the sun shine and the grass turn green.  After an extra long winter and a few months of cabin fever, spring has sprung.  Flinging open the windows to enjoy the sound of the birds singing and the smell of the great outdoors…oh no! the sneezing, sniffling and itching are back too!  If you don’t know what that’s all about I’ll tell you, seasonal allergies!  If you or your kids suffer you know what I’m talking about.

Seasonal allergies can be really hard on me but for my little one, it’s awful to watch her suffer.  Her eyes are watery, her nose is stuffed up constantly and she just feels awful.  There’s no enjoying this wonderful spring time weather as it should be able to be enjoyed.  Waking up every morning with a stuffed up nose and itchy eyes is no fun.  So while we are outside taking in this gorgeous weather, my little one is indoors.



Kids and allergies 

I can’t even count how many days I have kept her home because  I thought she had a dreadful cold or flu.  We’ve spent hours sitting in the emergency room, thinking this poor kid has to have something terribly wrong, she’s always sick. 

Usually I treat her allergies with products and they do work, but ,she still doesn’t get to enjoy her day in the sun and grass, because she’s sleeping.  These products tend to make her drowsy and she falls asleep.  I truly want her to have a great time in the spring and to be able to join us in our outdoor adventures.



Nip those symptoms in the bud, without drowsiness

I have used REACTINE® since I was pregnant for my daughter because it was recommended by my doctor as an allergy medication that is safe for children and expecting moms.  So of course when I found out that there were Reactine Fast Melts Junior, I was pretty happy.

REACTINE®  Fast Melt™ Junior Tablets are  for kids six years old and up. Since they’re fruit flavoured and dissolve quickly, there are no more complaints about gross-tasting medicine. I am confident that they will deliver the same effective relief I have come to expect from REACTINE® by starting to act fast and provide relief for up to 24 hours.  The best part is she won’t be drowsy and can get outside and enjoy herself!

 Reactine Fast Melt

 Does your child suffer from seasonal allergies?  Do you have any tips to help other parents out?

This post was generously sponsored by REACTINE® FAST MELTSTM, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit reactine.ca. 



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    • says

      Christine, I suffer from seasonal allergies, some days I can barely function. I seem to have passed on to my 5 year old also. Reactine Fast Melts are working good here. Let’s keep fingers crossed your little lady doesn’t have to suffer.

    • says

      I have a cupboard full of allergy medications! So awful that I seem to have passed my curse onto my daughter. The Reactine Fast Melts are helping a lot.

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this, Dawn. Thankfully, I do not suffer from allergies but my companion does. It’s awful to watch him suffer, especially during April and May. My niece’s allergies are really bad as well so I’m going to tell my sister about this product=)

    • says

      It is awful to see people who suffer from seasonal allergies Gina. I hope your companion finds relief as well as your neice :)

    • says

      I know Kerrie, I suffer from allergies and the kids have picked that up from me as well. It is terrible. I am having good luck with the Reactine Fast Melts though.

  2. callista83 says

    This would be much better than the liquid medication I use now for my kids allergies. They are always weighing which is worse, how they feel or how the medicine tastes. I’ll have to try this next time.

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