GumChucks #Review & #Giveaway Funner Flossing For Your Kid

Oral health is extremely important to everyone. Trying to teach your child how important keeping their teeth clean and gums healthy is a job, they don’t really get it yet.  All they know is that brushing and flossing are both chores they don’t enjoy doing. I am one of those moms that are crazy picky about dental hygiene and when my five year old gives me that kick and scream scene every night, I just had to find a better way. Well, say good bye to the crying and fussing over your child’s dental routine, here comes the GumChucks!




What are GumChucks you ask?  Well, these handy dandy little “nun chuck” type flossers are the best thing since sliced bread!  You know what a set of nun chucks are right?  Well, these GumChucks looks a lot like a mini nun chuck with a 3/4 piece of floss attached to both ends with disposable tips.  Just floss and toss!  Each GumChuck has a  quick release button.




Benefits of the GumChucks

–  Faster and easier to use than regular floss

–  Using handles prevents floss-wrapped finger tip pain

–  Easy use for those with low dexterity

–  Easy to wrap the floss around the gum line making that “c” shape

–  Reaching back teeth is easy and hygienic, no need to put hands into mouth

My little one is all about brushing and flossing these days.  She loves the little ninja type flossing tool and actually thinks it’s a game.  No more kick and scream scene.


GumChucks Giveaway!

Guess what?  We are offering you a chance to win 1 GumChucks Starter Kit + 1 GumChucks KIDS 6-pack refill cartridges (value $25) to 5 lucky CANADIAN winners!  Contest closes May29th.  Good luck!


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  1. says

    I think what I like most is that it makes a chore that kids really don’t like to do a bit more fun! My kids are always trying to make a game out of everyday things so why not flossing?

  2. says

    What a neat product! When I take my kids to the dentist, they receive a different kind of floss. I think they’d go hog-wild with this product, that looks like a lot of fun to use!

  3. says

    We actually have Gumchucks and the kids love them. I would love to see them in Shoppers I think every family should have these in their dental routine.

  4. says

    What a great idea! My boys are at an age that they want to be independent. Unfortunately,they don’t understand how to floss. They say it hurts because they are doing it wrong. this is a great way to get the benefits of flossing without the pain!

  5. says

    I love that they are great for reaching my boys back teeth! so much better than them biting my fingers when I try to help them with the regular floss!

  6. nomnombearinyvr says

    I like that it makes it so much easier for kids to reach their back teeth to floss, which is always a challenge.

    • says

      Yes, that is one of the best things about GumChucks. It’s hard to get to the back of their small mouths and then teeth are not flossed fully. Good luck!

  7. Angela Mitchell says

    I like that they would make flossing more fun for my daughter. She gets cavities between her teeth so she needs to floss every day but it can be a challenge.

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