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Enough Said


In Enough Said, available on Blu-ray and DVD on January 14th, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini play divorcees who find a second chance at love with each other. After being taken for a while, dating may seem like a daunting prospect, which is why we decided to share some tips for dating after divorce. 

Where do you go? What do you say? Did you think eHarmony was a boy band? Don’t worry—with our help, you’ll find a new love connection in no time! 

Sign up for online dating

Traditional dating used to require quite a bit of effort. This has changed in recent years with the rise of online dating. This revolutionary dating tool uses complex algorithms to match you with other singles by comparing things such as your values and interests. Online dating allows people to ease back into dating, as well as eliminate the biggest hurdle to creating new relationships… meeting new people! Be warned though, for the best dating websites come at a high premium. 

Be adventurous

Dating isn’t necessarily about finding love at first sight. Simply adopting an adventurous attitude towards relationship-building will give you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, which in turn, will open you up to exciting new experiences. While there’s a chance you will not meet your soul mate the first try, the knowledge and experiences gained will be invaluable to your growth as an individual, as well as your capabilities as a partner.

Invest in your image

The fact is, first impressions matter. No matter how great your personality is, a bad first impression can ruin any chances for a potential connection. A new haircut, pair of shoes, or outfit can go a long way to impressing potential partners, as well as giving you the extra self-confidence to be the best you.

Bring something to the table 

Successful relationships are the result of the perfect blend of timing and chemistry. Clearly, timing isn’t the issue as you’re interested in dating again. Find out if you have genuine chemistry with your potential partner by not being afraid to spice up the conversation a bit. Don’t be afraid to unleash your weird and wonderful hobbies, hilarious memoirs and specialist knowledge. Dull conversation will any extinguish any initial physical attraction that existed. Careful to stay away from potentially touchy subjects though – nobody wants a sob story. 

Date multiple people

During the initial months of your new-found dating career, you have nothing to lose by dating multiple people. This will allow you to explore a plethora of different options and experiences. When you finally meet the right person, he or she should consequently stand out way above the rest. Honesty and knowing when to make your selection is key, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!

 Join a gym 

Keeping fit is essential in maximising your attractive potential. Gyms are also wonderful spaces for meeting other single people. Noticing a sexy stranger on the same routine as you may also spur you on to keep swapping brunch for a crunch in the gym. 


But if things just don’t work out… 


Buy a pet 

Given it your best shot but it’s just not working? A pet can provide all the comfort of a spouse but without the backlash of arguments, alcoholism, adultery and boredom. 


Which of the tips would you say is would be most effective?


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  1. marie cat says

    I think buying a pet would be the best tip especially coming out of a relationship. i haven’t had any experience in this field but i can always count on my dog to make me happy when i’m sad.

  2. cynthial1956 says

    I think these are great tips no matter what! I have not seen this movie yet, but really want to . I am here from #SITSBlogging!

  3. Angela Mitchell says

    I like the tip Be Adventerous. At my age if I were single I would think I’d need to be adventerous and think outside the box:)

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