VeggieTales Bob and Larry’s ABC’s ~ A New Veggiecational Children’s Book #iPadAPP


Learn your ABC’s with VeggieTales Bob and Larry!


ABC's VeggieTales


It is very important for little ones  to learn their ABCs and with Bob and Larry it is a snap (and fun too)!  Bob and Larry, our favorite VeggieTales characters guide us along through the alphabet while Larry the cucumber narrates the whole adventure.  Or use the Read it Myself option and read the story to your little one, or let them practice reading for themselves.

My five-year old loved listening to Larry the cucumber rhyme his way through the alphabet.  What was really great was having the opportunity to read, create and share this story together to build a family bonding experience.  Because K is starting to learn through the Early Learning Program in her Kindergarten class, Bob and Larry’s ABC’s iPad App is helping her practice her reading skills too.



~  Read:     A full interactive experience with animations, sounds and 3-D effects.

~  Create:   Change all the letters and text to create your own version of the story.

~  Share:    Share your creation through email, Facebook and Twitter so friends and family can learn along with you.

~  Collect:  Collect all five Veggiecational books to learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors and Time. COMING SOON!




As K tapped  on each letter it was read aloud and then she would repeat the letter and learn different words that start with this letter.  Once in Create Mode, we changed the letters to different fonts to reinforce how to draw out letters as K learns to write.  Also in Create Mode, K created her own story and I typed it out for her, this helped stimulate her imagination as she learns the alphabet.

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Making fun 3-D animation appear is easy, just tilt and rotate the iPad side to side.   The characters can also jump, bob and float by tapping on them!  Each page of the app is colourful and interactive which helped to  keep my little one engaged.  It’s so much easier to help a child learn when they are having fun doing it.  She loved using mommy’s iPad too!

The VeggieTales Bob and Larry’s ABC’s iPad App was such a big hit with my little one that I will be downloading the whole collection!  Download VeggieTales Bob and Larry’s ABC’s here!

What types of support do you use to reinforce teaching your child to read?




























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  • Reply
    Jody D
    Friday,December 6, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    What an excellent way to make veggies more

    • Reply
      Dawn Trudeau
      Sunday,December 8, 2013 at 11:40 am

      Kids love Veggietales and Bob and Larry! Great learning tool.

  • Reply
    Elizabeth Matthiesen
    Sunday,December 8, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    This might even encourage children to eat more veggies –
    quite an accomplishment for many. I know that when I was a child
    the only reason I even tried spinach was because of Popeye,
    unfortunately I still didn’t like the taste and didn’t grow muscles
    so that was, to this day, also the end of spinach for me.

    • Reply
      Dawn Trudeau
      Monday,December 9, 2013 at 12:19 pm

      That’s a funny story! My hubby was enticed by Popeye too but hated spinach 🙂 You are right, kids may want to try their veggies because of Bob and Larry. We can only hope. Thank you!

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