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 Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House is on our Christmas list!

I use to be the most organized person at Christmas!  I would shop starting in October, wrap everything during November and then have all of December to bake and clean for Christmas.  I don’t know what has happened to me the last few years but I am nowhere near organized.  It may be that the kids change their lists too often; maybe I’m tired of all the running around to find that perfect toy or I’ve just plain become a procrastinator.  It really doesn’t matter why, but I can honestly say that I am often one of those December 24th shoppers that people shake their head at. 

Yes, I do know Christmas is coming and yes, I know it falls on December 25th. I laugh because I even stress out my friends when I tell them I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping on December 23rd.  I guess I work better under pressure. It’s not about lack of planning either, I make the list, check it twice and I know who’s naughty and nice.


Cabbage Patch Kids

On the search for the perfect Christmas toy!

A few years ago,  one of my most beloved childhood toys had made a comeback  I was lucky enough to have this toy as a child and I think almost every little girl I knew wanted one.  Well, same thing a few years ago.  They were THE toy to have.  My little one was too young but my niece had asked for one.   I started off good, it was early December and I was on a mission for that toy.  We went to Walmart, they usually have all the hot toys.  Well, they didn’t this time, not one was left, they had sold out!  The Associate did say he was expecting more to come before Christmas but I didn’t want to chance it.  He was kind enough to check the next closest Walmart for us and they had three in stock, woohoo! Jackpot!

Off we went on a forty minute drive to the next Walmart.  Guess what?  They were also sold out.  I explained that my local Walmart had said there were three in stock and I drove forty minutes to get there!  Apparently, the inventory isn’t in “real-time” and hadn’t been updated yet.  Oh great!  I really wanted to get my niece that toy!  I’d be the best aunt ever.

On the road again, we head down to Ottawa, which was a good ninety minute drive from where we were.  Waving as we passed our home town, we kept travelling.  All the while, I am texting my sister to make sure my one and only darling niece really wanted this toy.  Positive that the Kanata Walmart would have one in stock, we stopped there.  No such luck, they were sold out too!  On the road again, battling the city holiday traffic, we head to Toys R’ Us.  One guess as to what we found…nothing!  They didn’t have one either!  I was getting frustrated with all this driving and running around. 

Hubby suggests we just start calling the different toy stores instead of running all over trying to find this obviously hotter than I thought toy.  I cheered for joy when I finally found one in stock, and I made sure they physically went to verify there was actually at least one there.  I had the sales person put the toy aside for me.  With a huge sigh of relief,  we drove to the east end of the city to pick up the toy that was going to make me the Aunt of the year! 

Finally, with said toy in hand, we were standing in line at the check out for literally fifteen minutes and my cell phone beeps, I had a text message from my sister “C says nevermind Aunt Dawn, I really don’t want that anymore, I rather have a Cabbage Patch Kid!”  I won’t even start on that story!  I’m sure you remember the craze over the Cabbage Patch Kids!  Seriously!  I turned and looked at my hubby and read the text message to him.  He had a different reaction than I did!  We put the toy back, left the store and ended our shopping for that day.  Maybe that is why I  tend to wait until the last-minute to shop now!

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  1. says

    What a fantastic contest from Mattel! My daughter received an early Christmas present of the Barbie Dreamhouse and it’s FANTASTIC! If anyone has any reservations about buying it, I can say with confidence that you won’t regret buying it for a second!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    this story made me smile. My son has just gone through the same stress. Shortly before Christmas my granddaughter (5 yrs old) told Santa that she really, really wanted a Flutterbye Fairy. Her parents mouths fell open, she had never mentioned this before. The rush was then on, shop after shop had sold out. Then a colleague of my daughter-in-law spotted one hidden behind other toys in a shop, a quick phone call and it was bought for my granddaughter. At the same time my son was still going from shop to shop, his wife called him to say it had been found. He was dismayed as he was now standing in Target in front of about 30 of them! Not to be outdone he picked one up for his niece :-)

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